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I’m a maker. With a degree in fine art from Northwestern U in 1956, I’ve been creating stuff my whole life. As a teen I built mobiles. Their movements  fascinated me. During my college days I focused on painting... with a few 3D pieces. I learned to weld which opened up new avenues.


After retiring in 1980,and relocating to Longboat Key, I explored painting on 3 dimension constructions, which combined sculpture and painting.

In 2017 we relocated to Sarasota Bay Club, with smaller studio space. I’ve been using Apoxie clay to express themes relating to human transitions and societal elements. I also studied ceramics with Korean Master Potter Ki Woon Huh.


I enjoy a sense of humor with my work, often using some electronic components for interactions, especially triggered by motion detectors. I find that people's reactions delight me!


Born in Chicago, I’ve been in Florida since 1980. Cruising in our sailboat has provided lots of inspiration for themes.

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